Family Engagement Is the Secret Advantage to Improve Student Outcomes

It takes a village to ensure a child’s social-emotional well-being and education is on the right track. That means all adults — including teachers, caregivers, and family members — are essential players in a student’s learning team and must meaningfully engage on a regular basis to create the best outcomes for each child.

Educators have long known this, but moving beyond occasional outreach to developing deep, positive relationships with families can feel like a big undertaking. It doesn’t have to be!

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear how Lexington County School District One (SC) has a key advantage when it comes to improving student outcomes through the strong partnerships and ongoing communication they have built with school families.

Tune in to learn concrete ways to:

  • Welcome families as essential partners in the educational process
  • Engage family members in student learning
  • Communicate more effectively with diverse families using easy-to-implement, research-based strategies

A new school year is the perfect opportunity to ensure family communication and engagement are front and center in a student’s educational experience, leading to a more positive school climate and positive impacts on learning outcomes.


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"As [my daughter] gets older it seems she gets more withdrawn. I notice asking her these lil questions start more conversation. Now she ask me what my day was like. That's awesome! Then we talk about our day and throw in some changes we could have made.

In the hustle and bustle of day to day it it easy to forget you haven't had a real conversation with your child. These messages help keep me in check. Thank you!"

- Middle School Parent