Support Families in Your District 

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Request a Grant Application

Apply for funding for a low-lift, evidence-based family engagement curriculum. Most districts qualify.

Accessible for families. Easy to implement. Deliver evidence-based family engagement directly into your parents’ hands – and get robust outcomes data to demonstrate your impact.
Do you serve economically disadvantaged families? You may qualify for the Equity Grant, which covers up to 80% of all program fees.


Evidence-Based Year Round Learning

Storytelling - 3rd grade
  • Boost student and parent strengths in SEL and academics
  • Improve student outcomes by 2-3 months over one academic year
  • Reach and engage vulnerable families all year long
  • Align to state and federal family engagement standards
  • Implement in minutes, no training or additional work for you
  • Access one-click real-time and annual family engagement and impact reports
  • And more than 90% of parents say the program helped them make learning a part of every day

Overcome Language Barriers

Reach families in 10+ languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, H'Mong, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese



Break down the complexity of supporting pK-8th grade learning into small insights that are easy to put into action.



Provide helpful information, encouragement, and support to parents continuously over time.



Leverage the most commonly available technology to reach as many parents as possible.